Electrical upsetters are systems for heating and preshaping metals, incorporated into a single machine.

Thanks to the ease of control and versatility of the equipment the main advantage offered by this solution is that it can adapt to the most varied needs of customers operating in the field of hot molding through upsetting.

The electrical upsetters manufactured by F.T.B. are designed based on the criteria of maximum solidity, versatility and constant research aimed at obtaining the greatest heating power with the lowest possible energy consumption. All of this has led to the use of innovative
solutions in both mechanical and electrical terms. The machines can be manufactured with various types of construction, such as:

horizontal type or vertical type, depending on the way the piece is to be machined and heated;
fixed anvil with manual adjustment screw or mobile anvil hydraulically operated with proportional return control;
hydraulically operated pusher with proportional thrust control;
additional vices for central upsetting, in containment or for upsetting long bars.

The electric power supply is three phase with electronic adjustment of the heating current.

This electronic control saves a considerable amount of energy compared with traditional machines.

The machines can be supplied prepared for manual machining or in other formats, complete with automatic or semi-automatic loading
systems and a loading magazine for the pieces to be machined.


Technical data

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