F.T.B. has a peculiar experience in electroforging automation addressed to the production of special bolts, engine valves, tie-rods , shafts and so on.

In the moving example is shown:

  • Billets loading in the electrical upsetter.
  • Drawing of heated and upset billet.
  • Insertion of the billet in the forging die.
  • Forging stroke.
  • Unloading of forged part.

In order to increase production capacity F.T.B. has assembled plants with two electrical upsetters and one special double-arm manipulator.

The enclosed image shows an example of above-mentioned plant (supplied to customers at turnkey conditions except for dies).

Moreover F.T.B. is able to set up automated forging lines for many customer needs using gas or induction ovens, preforming presses, forging presses, trimming presses, loading and unloading manipulators, special tool-holders , and every ancillary equipment necessary for production cycle.


Some examples of forgin lines